Wilson hails EU budget vote as victory for UK

East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has said that the vote tonight in the House of Commons for a real terms cut in the EU budget is a victory for the people and the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Sammy Wilson said:
“I am delighted at the result of the vote in the House of Commons tonight.
First of all, it is welcome because it sends a clear message to the EU that at a time of austerity, when all levels of Government have to find ways to reduce spending, the EU cannot be exempt from the savings and the budget cuts that are necessary to get us back on a firm financial footing. As Finance Minister in the Northern Ireland Executive, I have had to oversee a reduction in the money available for us to spend. It hasn’t been easy but people in Northern Ireland understand the situation that we find ourselves in and why such reductions in spending are necessary. What they cannot fathom however is why we should continue to fund Eurocrats riding along on the EU gravy train when the rest of us have to trudge alongside the tracks.
Secondly, it strengthens the hand of the Prime Minister as he enters negotiations with other member states. The Prime Minister has stated that he favours a reduction in the EU budget and he can now go to Brussels and say that he has the support of the House of Commons. This puts him in a much stronger position to fight for and defend British interests.
Finally it is a victory for Parliament. The vote truly reflects the will of the people right across the UK. So often many feel that when it comes to Europe, their political representatives do not accurately reflect their views on this ever closer, ever more bureaucratic and ever more expensive political union. Tonight demonstrated that the voice of the people was heard and acted upon. Democracy and the will of the people may be a foreign concept to those in power in the upper echelons of the European Union, but it is now up to the Prime Minister to take heed of the democratic wishes of a democratically elected Parliament and deliver for the people of the United Kingdom.”

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