Constituency 12

Sammy Says Change Your Old £1 Coins For New Ones!
Sammy is encouraging constituents who currently hold quantities of the old £1 coin to have them changed for the new £1 coin.
From Sunday 15 October 2017 shops and businesses will not be accepting the round coins from customers and should also not be giving them out as change. Whilst the coins cannot be used for transactions of day to day business they still will be accepted as deposits at banks for some period after 15 October 2017.
It would be good to ensure that people are not left with quantities of the out of date coinage and for those who find they cannot use them in shops it is important to remember they can be deposited in banks and changed for the new coins.
Hopefully the changeover will help to prevent fraud which was becoming widespread as the old round coins were very vulnerable to counterfeiters. Over 1 billion of the round £1 coins have already been removed from circulation but there are still a considerable number circulating in the economy. The changeover is an important step in fighting crime and hopefully it will not result in too much inconvenience for the general public.y in opposition to the proposal and did not want these massive industrial turbines to be erected in the area.

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