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Sammy Attends The Consumer Council ‘Consumer Scout’ Badge And Certificates With Scouts

Sammy attended The Consumer Council ‘Consumer Scout’ badge and certificates with Scouts NI event for the Scouts on 9th November 2017 in the Gobbins Visitors centre.
Sammy said “I would really like congratulate Scouts NI and The Consumer Council for this excellent partnership and launch event. It is so important to highlight that just because some of our consumers are younger or may not have the same financial responsibilities, it does not mean they don’t have the same access to consumer knowledge. The importance and signifigance of understanding consumer affairs is extremely important for the youth of today and I am pleased to see how the young Scouts will have a greater understanding of their consumer rights especially when it comes to buying on the internet. The knowledge they have gained will mean these Consumer Scouts can act as consumer champions, going out into the community to help their friends and families better understand their consumer rights.”

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