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Good Riddance Adams
Sammy has said, This weekend, 18th and 19th November 2017 has been a bad one for tyrants and a good one for those who are sick and tired of suffering under their destructive leadership.
The bloodstained dictator in Zimbabwe is in the process of being removed from power and our own version of Mugabe, Gerry Adams who oversaw forty years of bloodshed and ethnic cleansing in Northern Ireland has promised to throw in the towel. There will be no tears from anyone in the Unionist Community at his going, it will be a case of good riddance to this purveyor of misery and during recent talks blocker of democracy.
Adams and Mugabe share much in common. They owed their power and authority to the use and threat of terror. They caused widespread misery in their respective countries and hardship for the very people they claimed to represent. They blamed everyone else especially the British Government for the problems which they themselves were responsible for creating. They led a lifestyle which they denied to their own supporters. They both embraced ruinous extreme left wing economic policies. They stamped out any dissent within their respective political organisations. They openly carried out policies of ethnic cleansing against ethnic and political groups which stood in their way.
Unfortunately their going does not guarantee that in either in Northern Ireland or Zimbabwe their replacement will be any more likely to bring about a change in approach or attitude to the grave issues which they have left as a legacy to be faced in their respective countries but nevertheless the demise of any tyrant is always a welcome event.  


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