June 8 Elections 2

Register Now Don't Let Sinn Fein Win By Default 

Sammy says :
Sinn Fein’s inflated vote in the past Assembly election was partly due to the increased registration of republican voters and the lower turnout in Unionist areas. Although it artificially exaggerates their support we have already seen that they are ruthlessly using this to justify a border poll. Of course the last election does not indicate that the vote for a United Ireland is on a knife edge since polls on the issue show less than 25% of the population would vote to leave the UK. However any increase in the Sinn Fein percentage vote will be used a a propaganda instrument in their attempts to destabilise Northern Ireland internally and internationally.
That is why the true size of the Unionist vote needs to be reflected in election outcomes. At the Assembly elections we became aware of hundreds of Unionists who wanted to vote but found that they were not registered and were too late to do so. Equally some who were going to be away at the time of the election were too late in applying for postal votes.
I am urging constituents in East Antrim and across Northern Ireland to make sure they can vote in this important election on 8th June. Registration can take place up until the 22nd May and forms are available in my constituency office or directly from the electoral office.
Don’t give Sinn Fein a propaganda victory make sure your voice can be heard in this election.


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