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Sammy Says Pension Age Increase Inevitable Given Life Expectancy Changes 

The announcement by the government on 19 July that the pension age for 6 million people born in the 1970s will increase to 68 in 2039 is an inevitable consequence of increased life expectancy and improvements in the general health of the population.
As the cost of pensions increase and the real value of the pension improves it is right that the government engages in long term thinking about future pension arrangements. It is only proper that plenty of notice be given so that those affected can make any additional provision which they wish to make and also know with certainty the age when they can expect to retire from work.
Hopefully the government will learn from the mistakes of the last labour government which changed the age at which pensions were paid but never gave sufficient information to those affected leaving millions of women born in the early 1950s with no time to prepare for additional years without a pension and a job. Everyone affected should be written to personally explaining the impact of this change on them so that they are not left in the same position as WASPI women.
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