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Sammy Welcomes Former Australian PM's Exposure 
Of Destructive Policies Of Global Warming Alarmists   

 Sammy attended a lecture organised by the Global Warming Policy Foundation GWPF in London on 10 October 2017. The Speaker was the former Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott who attacked climate change policies as more damaging to the economy and the environment than Climate Change itself.
Mr Abbott made three telling points, first of all that the Green Lobby was afraid of debate on its contention that humans were responsible for Global Warming and carried out campaigns of vilification against those who challenged their views in what could only be described as a scientific inquisition. They distorted climate data, hid information which did not fit their theory and tried to close down debate by arguing that the science was settled when the very nature of scientific investigation was to continue to ask questions. Science is not based on votes or concensus but on challenge, questioning and investigation. Galileo was in a minority when he argued that the earth went round the sun not the other way round but he was right. Those who argue that climate change is caused mostly by natural factors beyond man’s control such as activity on the sun, the earth’s orbit ocean currents etc at least have historical and scientific evidence on their side rather than predictions from totally inadequate and failed computer models.
Secondly he pointed out that despite an increase in CO2 emissions there had been no global warming for the last decade and a half. Furthermore CO2 is not a pollutant rather it is essential to life and plant growth and increased levels had contributed to the greening of the planet and improved output of food.
Thirdly in Australia and this was also the case in the UK the decarbonisation of electricity production with the closure of coal power stations and their replacement with wind energy had pushed up energy prices, in Australia had led to power blackouts and the loss of major industries which had migrated to countries which used cheap energy generated by fossil fuel. Why were developed countries countrys lumbering themselves with expensive means of producing energy from the wind and the sun when India and China were planning to build 800 coal fired electricity plants to power their economies and attract industries from our countries with their cheap power.
As he pointed out those who dared to doubt and challenge the hysterical zealotry of the Global Warming industry would be attacked viciously by the high priests of the new global warning religion.    
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